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Women’s Health Care Specialist Questions and Answers

Women’s Health Care Specialist Questions and Answers

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Women’s Health Care Specialist Near Me in Celebration, FL
Women’s Health Care Specialist Near Me in Celebration, FL

Table of Contents:

What is included in women’s healthcare?
What are some women’s health issues?
Why is women’s healthcare so important?
What does a women’s health doctor do?

Women have special health needs. The female reproductive system is extremely complex and intricate, and due to its sensitivity, it can experience several problems. The list of conditions that can affect the female reproductive system is long, and fortunately, many of these conditions can be treated effectively for long-term relief. Finding a women’s health care specialist to address these concerns is essential to living a good quality of life.

What is included in women’s healthcare?

Women’s healthcare includes:

• Birth control, sexually transmitted infections, and gynecology
• Breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and other cancers
• Mammography
• Menopause and hormone therapy
• Osteoporosis
• Sexual health
• Women and heart disease
• Benign conditions affecting the female reproductive organs

Women’s sexual health services may include:

• Birth control (contraceptives)
• Prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of STIs
• Therapies to improve sexual function

Pregnancy and childbirth services include:

• Planning and preparing for pregnancy
• Testing to determine the cause of infertility
• Blood and imaging tests to monitor ovulation
• Infertility treatments

What are some women’s health issues?

There are many different issues that can affect women’s health, such as:

• Abnormal Pap smears
• Presence of high-risk HPV
• Abnormal vaginal bleeding
• Bacterial vaginosis
• Endometriosis
• Heavy menstrual cycles
• Irregular menstrual cycles
• Other vaginal infections
• Ovarian cysts
• Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)
• Pelvic pain
• Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
• Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
• Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD)
• Uterine fibroids
• Uterine and vaginal prolapse
• Vaginal yeast infection
• Various conditions affecting the vulva and vagina

Why is women’s healthcare so important?

Women’s healthcare is incredibly important for a number of reasons, including the impact it has on their families and children. If a woman is not healthy, it can affect the health and stability of the household, burdening the whole society. It is important to note, however, that a woman’s health does not necessarily refer to her physical condition but rather to her overall wellbeing. This is predetermined by a number of factors including diet, stress, and workload, among others. Women suffer from many unique disorders that are not specific to their male counterparts, in particular disorders affecting the reproductive system.

Because women play a great role in maintaining the well-being of the communities by giving birth to healthy children and taking care of their proper upbringing, the health of a woman signifies the health of the entire community. Therefore, it is necessary to address women’s individual needs in order to maintain a proper health condition as well as to avoid potential risks and hazards. Recent statistics show that a high percentage of females suffer from one or more chronic diseases, which indicates the importance of preventative care and addressing health concerns before they develop into serious complications.

What does a women’s health doctor do?

Women’s health doctors perform a variety of different treatments and procedures, including:

• Age-appropriate immunizations
• Bone density testing
• Breast cancer screening
• Cesarean section (C-section)
• D&C
• Discussions about colon cancer screening
• Endometrial ablation
• Endometrial biopsy
• Healthy lifestyle risk assessment
• Hormonal testing for menopause
• Immunizations
• Mammography
• Mastectomy and breast reconstruction
• Pap smear and HPV testing
• Pelvic laparoscopy
• Procedures to treat urinary incontinence
• Screening for STIs

For women’s health care services that you can trust, come to New Era Wellness and Medical Weight Loss today. Our women’s health specialists are experienced in addressing a wide number of concerns unique to the female population and can help you improve your quality of life. Call us today to book an appointment with our women’s health care specialist, or visit our clinic conveniently located at 1420 Celebration Blvd, Suite 200, Celebration, FL 34747. We look forward to serving you! We serve patients from Celebration FL, Campbell FL, Four Corners FL, Bay Lake FL, Williamsburg FL, Hunters Creek FL, and Loughman FL.